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Call yourself a mountain biker?

I often like to think of myself as a mountain biker, an athlete, someone who regularly partakes in active sporting events, but more recently I do wonder.

There was a time when I could confidently quote the above without feeling guilty about bending the truth. Is it because I am still aspiring to fulfil all those activities I always dreamt of doing, or is it because I’m older, have family commitments and no time to do anything? Hmmm

I’ve just entered myself into the 2007 London Triathlon in the hope of fulfilling two ambitions. Firstly, to complete the event in one piece with a respectable time, second, to raise money for Asthma UK. I’m very happy to have entered into the event and effectively committed myself to completing it; however I worry about my ability to do so.

I am a confident person, I believe in myself and my abilities. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually partaken in such an event, it’ll be five years ago. Since then, I’ve got married, had a child and managed to reduce the amount of exercise I do quite dramatically. My worry about not being fit enough to complete the event is not without good reason. For starters, I haven’t begun training yet. With 5 months to go, I know I can do it; the question is when am I going to fit all this training in?

With my new commitments to my family, my home, and my job, by the time I get round to doing anything, it’s time to go to bed and start the day again. I’m not the most organised person at the best of times, so organising my life around a training regime is going to be interesting.

I’ve taken positive action this weekend, by making it my last blow-out weekend, where I eat and drink as much as I like in the knowledge that from now on I’m going to be leading a healthier and more active life. The problem is, I think I’ve been doing the same each weekend over the last two months.

This time though, it’s for real.

Over the next few months I’ll be writing about my efforts to get fit and healthy for the London Triathlon that I hope to complete on 5 August 2007.

Any advice is welcome…

One thought on “Call yourself a mountain biker?

  1. How is the training going?!

    I think most of us, as we get a bit older, are in this situation of precariously balancing our various priorities. I got married recently too, and sat down soon after to list my priorities. Some stuff I simply threw out, my marriage went to the top, along with some other major commitments. But I made very sure that the activity I love got time allocated to it, and so far things are going well. I am lucky to be a business owner and get to organise my working day as I wish to an extent. But you have to MAKE time for things like cycling, or it just won’t happen – I have allowed two short rides per week, a longer one every couple of weeks at least, and a major trek (several days mountain trekking) every couple of months which, although not a full-on training schedule, keeps me happy and does not detract from the most important things. (and the fantastic weather the last few months here has been a help too!)

    All the best!

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