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Call that a swim?

I finally made it to the pool at long last. Don't get too excited though, the visit to the local pool didn't quite pan out as expected…

Despite my best efforts to get a good hour's worth of laps at the local swimming pool, it wasn't necessarily to be. The main reason for my visit was to entertain my 3 year old son, mainly in the nursery pool, until the foam floats were introduced to the main pool that is (fun, fun, fun).

OK, so I didn't complete the anticipated 64 laps of the pool, but I did get plenty of excercise carrying, catching, pulling and dragging my son around the pool, whilst acting as diving board, safety mat, dive bomb target and underwater climbing platform.

Saying this, I'm convinced I ended up more more tired than if I had done the 64 lengths, so maybe all was not lost.

It was good fun though, so can't complain. However, it really isn't easy trying to train seriously when looking after a small child and a newborn.

Let's see if things get any easier over the weekend, or next week when I fully intend for the first time to commute the 15 miles into work on the bike. This I hope will enable me to start shedding the pounds a litte more efficiently.

All will be revealed…

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