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Training is slow, it’s just not good enough

Hmmm, am I making excuses for myself or is it really that difficult to train just after having a second child? Not me, of course, but my wife.

Last weekend, my second son was born. He's great and my eldest who is 3 is also really good about becoming as big brother, although he does start vying for more attention come the end of the day.

Fortunatley, I'm just entering my second week of paterity leave from work, which to be honest has been excellent. The baby is easy to deal with compared to looking after the toddler, who needs constant entertaining.

Back to the training…

In the past week I've managed a 45 minute swim and a 5 Km run. Not really enough considering the triathlon is only 13 weeks away. The buddies who I'm participating with are doing “brick” training sessions (bikde ride directly followed by a run).

I've got to start riding the bike into work to begin shifting this excess weight.

No training today, although carrying my 3 year old on my shoulders for several miles around London has to count for something…

more tomorrow…

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