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Is my achilles heel my achilles heel?

As I write this, the dull pain above my right heel has almost receded. I talk about my suffering following a 10 km run in the forest with my good friend and triathlon co-entrant, Steve. Ouch, ouch, climbing the stairs to the bedroom was a painful experience following the arduous run on some of the hillier bridle paths in Epping Forest.

OK, so I hadn’t been on a training run for a good 4 days, but why would I lose my run fitness in such a short space of time? Diet? fitness? Who knows?

The run itself was OK, although I admit to struggling a bit for the first 40 minutes of the 55 that I did run. Personally, I blame it on the giant mosquitoes that appeared to consume the lower 70% of my two legs, or possibly the pre-existing complaint in my right foot, if it actually existed. It was a hot evening, so did I drink enough water beforehand? I could come up with a few more excuses if I wanted to, but I know the truth as I suspect you do. I’m not training enough; it’s as simple as that.

With this in mind I’m keen to accelerate my general fitness, speed and stamina, so am preparing to commute into work for one or two days a week, that’s a 15 mile cycle to work and another 15 back. Despite having prepared my hack bike for the event, I took it upon myself to pimp it up a little by using some of the components from my old and now unused full susser.

I’m probably missing the point of a hack bike, but I don’t care. I want to have my carbon fibre bars, my Marzocchi MX Comp ETA forks, XT wheel set, Hope Mono Mini hydraulic brakes. Lovely.

Anyway, I managed to complete the build today and am hoping to ride it for the first time on Friday. Let’s see how that goes. More on this to come…

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