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Riding to work. What a buzz!

Following my fastidious preparations I did make it out on the bike for my first cycle commute into work for 5 years. I've got to say that I was a little nervous as I'd only ever completed this particular ride once before during a weekend on my road bike …

The hack bike performed better than anticipated and stood up to the task admirably. My trusty stead took me the 15 miles without so much as a complaint and I have to say it was a real buzz to be back in the saddle on my way into work after such a long time.

Speeding through the traffic and picking up speed on those long straight sections is a real thrill, as is the excitement of swerving in and out of the queuing lines of cars and vans as they slowly but surely shunt their way towards their destination.

Although the traffic levels were not too bad for a Friday, I wasn't used to so many cyclists on the road, especially around the Angel Islington area where they just appeared from every street corner and filtered into the main arterial cycle paths.

My only grievance was the position of the saddle which I hadn’t got quite right when setting the bike up. As I kept sliding down it to the sharper end it became very clear that I needed to micro adjust in order to save my crown jewels from permanent damage.

The ride home was joyous, and helped by the glorious sunshine and the knowledge that the weekend had come round so soon.

Looking forward to the next ride in…

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