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Loving it, loving it, loving it

OK, so I've ridden into work another two times since my first reintroduction to the cycle commute. Got to say that I'm really enjoying it and already starting to feel the benefits with parts of the body tightening up a little more and the tummy is already feeling firmer.

One thing that surprised me was the relative ease at which I've got accustomed to the ride into work. I remember first time around that it took me a good two to three weeks to get into it and get to the point where I didn't feel my lungs were going to explode. Mind you, I did used to smoke back then.

As a non smoker for at least a good year and a half, that in itself has contributed to easier exercising and faster reintegration into an exercise regime. I suppose my occasional rides over the past few months have also helped, but it really does feel easier.

Getting into it so much that I’ve already invested in a nice little Cateye computer. I decided to go for a wired version of the Strada. Works nicely and gives me something to compare each day I ride in and out of work. Best time so far is 55 minutes on the way home. It seems a little faster on the way home, despite the home destination being at a higher altitude.

Riding into work tomorrow morning and more than likely riding home again. Hopefully this will provide a good warm-up for the planned Saturday afternoon ride around the Essex loop on the ride bikes.

More soon…

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