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Riding a bike is easy, but what of the swim

I remember only too well the horrendous thoughts running through my head as I was only 40 metres into the swim leg of last year’s London Triathlon. I was ready to give up and head for dry land, but that wasn’t something I was prepared to do. Once the melee receded and I eventually managed to breath at what was considered a normal rate, I eventually found my stride.

It all came back to me as myself and three other tri buddies attended the pre event open water training session. Despite not having trained for the swim part of the race – and I still haven’t with only two weeks remaining – it was all worse than I actually remember.

There was one little gem that came out of it for me, and that was “flush the wetsuit”. I only wish I’d attended this session last year instead of wearing the wetsuit for the first time at the event without prior training or advice. When we dived in and took the first few strokes it was as if someone had taken my breath from me and I didn’t know how to move my arms, not fun I assure you.

After one lap we were asked to get out and “flush” the wetsuit. This involves flooding the wetsuit with water through the neck opening whilst in the water, then once out of the water, releasing it through the wetsuit until all water is effectively squeezed out. The difference was amazing, I could swim again.

You live and learn, only this time I wish I’d had more opportunity to do some swim training. Maybe next year…

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