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The GRIM Duathlon happened a few weeks ago now and the effects have worn off, thankfully. That was the first time I used my legs to “run” since the London Triathlon in the summer. Today, I ran again.

It always helps to run with a friend, which I did today. On my own I tend to think about the running too much, breathing and stuff like that. With company I tend to just get on with it, talk, run, breath, breath, run, etc. The distraction of company certainly helps, doesn’t it?

Despite not running for a while as well as not being in the best of shape, we managed quite well to pace ourselves through the off-road bridle paths of Epping Forest. The new route to the as yet new destination of Connaught Waters was a spontaneous decision that worked out pretty well. The myriad of trails and tracks were laid before us to confuse and misguide us, but we found our way, albeit via the scenic route.

Fortunately, today I made the effort to stretch prior to leaving the house. This no doubt prevented the inevitable cramps that may have followed otherwise – bring back memories of the GRIM.

Anyhow, it was absolutely hammering it down outside, which is fine I guess but it does tend to fill those puddles up a little turning them into something resembling mini ponds, making for some interesting running moves involving hoping and jumping around the trails to avoid getting too badly splattered in mud. After a while of course you just get on with it and it matters no more, just like the breathing part of it, I suppose.

Once those first 10-15 minutes are done, the worries about breathing, pace, cadence, comfort etc just ease right off. Gotta say, the stretching really does make all the difference. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but I imagine so many of us “forget” to actually do a set of pre-run stretches and instead just get straight into it. The same has to be said for the stretch down, so don’t forget to do that either.

This looks like a pretty useful read for the beginners amongst us, RW’s BIG Beginners’ Index. I’ll be sure to have a scan of that before the next venture out.

Oh well, until the next time …

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