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1,000 miles of tarmac, potholes and adrenalin. That’s commuting

It must have been no more than a full week or two after starting my commute into work that I became curious about the specific stats of my riding. You know, speed, average speed, fastest speed, distance, all that stuff, so I got myself a computer. It has revolutionised my ride into work.

When I’m not concentrating too hard on the traffic and other obstacles that might prevent me from reaching my destination in the shortest, quickest time possible, I’m diverting myself by either by observing the changing landscape of east London, as I buzz through the Lee Valley on the Lee Bridge Road, through to Hackney and into the city, all the way from Epping Forest.

Admittedly, most of the journey isn’t actually all that interesting made up of mostly main A-roads, bus lanes etc, so the computer was a nice toy to play with when the dull part of the ride kicks in.

It does allow you to challenge yourself by maintaining or setting a faster pace, but mainly it’s about attempting to set new land speed records on those particularly fast sections of the journey, for example, I have a nice long hill that takes me down into my hometown. To date I’ve topped out at 41.7 mph going down this, which although fast could be done much quicker on a road bike. I ride a converted MTB hack bike with a 48 toothed large front ring, so I imagine the 53 toothed chain set on my road stead will give me considerable more to play with. Hmmm, I’ll have to give that a go one day.

A recent landmark event for me was reaching 1,000 miles on my commute. Not a big deal, but good to know anyway. It got me thinking about the mileage I would achieve over a whole year. 2-3 rides a week in and out of work, averages out to around 3,600 miles, probably not much less than I do in the car over the same period.

I also use a heart rate monitor from time to time for training, but not for commuting. At the moment I’m thinking about getting an all singing all dancing gadget that incorporated GPS, heart rate, cadence, and pedometer monitoring, oh what fun!

If you know of any gadgets that meet these criteria, please do let me know, I have to add this to my Xmas list…

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