Manners, manners: Post ride etiquette

This morning I took a pretty usual Saturday morning ride with my good friend. 10:30 am start, two and a half hour ride, nothing much to say about the ride itself other than it was a mild day, the going was soft, very soft and very slippery. It was only after, when…

… we stopped off at the tea cabin for our obligatory coffee, cheese ham and pickle roll and cake that I really have something to say.

It was fairly busy and the queue must have been 6 people long by the time I joined the end of it. The lady who usually took the orders was not there and I think her parents were looking after business in her absence. They were slower to serve people than usual, although it may have been my impatience to get stuck into my snack that made me think this. Anyway, the queue had grown behind me as a gent on his road rig and three lads on their Marin off-roaders stopped by for some refreshments.

From nowhere, I noticed an older guy in a leather jacket decided the end of the queue was not at the back, but two people in front of me. No one mentioned anything until the queue moved on and everyone shuffled along. The gent before me suddenly piped up and commented, informing him of his misunderstanding. The leather clad man didn’t move. However at this point another man in front of him interjected. He was a pretty big an tall guy wearing a high viz motorbike jacket, who was evidently in a pretty good mood. Although at this point there was no situation to speak of, the high viz guy tried to alleviate the awkwardness with a little banter, he was definitely in highly spirited and actually offered to buy the man and his partner the cup of tea that he had queue jumped to get.

High viz man saw this as a good deed done and when it came to his turn to order, off they went until eventually I got served and was able to refuel.

It was only when we were sitting on a bench tucking into our cheese, ham and pickle sarnies that we couldn’t help but notice high viz man on the phone. He was quite loudly talking to someone about an incident that happened earlier in the day where a motorist was evidently driving a little closer to him than he would have liked. It transpired that at the following junction where both he on his moped and the car stopped, he dismounted and proceeded to kick the car’s wing mirror clean off and followed up by attempting to smash his way through the driver’s window. At this point the began to quote his piece to the driver, which went something along the lines of “if I get you I’m going to rip your head off and piss down your throat”. He claimed to have caused around £850 worth of damage to the car and said that it was probably the last time he’ll drive that close to a motorcycle.

What a nutter. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. The guy was so pleasant one minute, yet so destructive the next. Just goes to show that you really never know who your standing next to in a queue.

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