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Hail the commute. Stay toastie in the cold

I was a reluctant commuter this evening, tired and cold ridden, my energy levels down, all I wanted to do was get home ASAP. Saved in the end by …

The going was cold, and eventually quite wet. Although this evening’s journey started off crisp and dry, it soon turned into a hail storming shower from hell. All I can really say is that I was thankful for the additional set of lights that I recently appended to the bike. Every time it rained the rear light that I was relying on simply stopped working, which is not your friend in the darkness of night.

So the additional lights certainly provided that little extra bit of failsafe confidence, but what made it all tolerable was the new set of leg warmers, worn for the first time today.

The last time I wore leg warmers was back in my old roadie days when I was a mere youth. Back then leg warmers were long thick woollen thigh length affairs that just kept falling down every five minutes, completely useless in the wet and did nothing for the look. These new knee huggers, although not catwalk worthy, did their job admirably. With their soft fleece lining and lycra fit, they were nicely secured by the silicone thigh grippers, and I have to say, despite the cold I was comfortable all the way home.

It’s all about the equipment at the end of the day. Get the right equipment for job and you’ll be fine come rain, shine, cold or warm conditions.

Time for some cold remedy now…

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