Trails: Dalbeattie, 7Stanes, Scotland

There’s a broad range of trails on offer and it’s the granite rock that defines the riding here. While the green-graded Ironhash trail offers easy biking mostly on forest roads, the blue-graded Moyle Hill route will have your tyres crossing short sections of rough rock and narrow trail – but the riding is fun rather than difficult.

On the red-graded Hardrock trail things go up a gear, and the surface becomes both rougher and rockier, with several notably challenging stretches. It’s the black-graded sections, however – The Slab, the Terrible Twins and Volunteer Ridge – that get people talking and the heart racing.

Recent trail building has increased the amount of singletrack in the routes and, at the trail head, a skills area with differently-graded loops gives a taste of Dalbeattie riding for those new to the area or to mountain biking. The skills trails total 1.5km in length and are on 100% singletrack.

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