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Snow go, failure to commute this week

Where's the car?So the UK has been covered in a blanket of snow, which during varying times of this week brought entire cities to a grinding halt, including London into which I commute from the Essex borders.

Monday morning, as anticipated the snow fell. A full six inches of the white stuff in my neighbourhood as promised by all the weather reports. Even before I got out of bed I was on the mobile internet checking the transport reports to gauge the likelihood of making it into work one way or another. The verdict, no buses, no tube, certainly no cycle, so no chance.

Having resigned myself to a day working from home I was very conscious that my usual cycle commute into the office was again disrupted, this time by circumstances out of my control. How long would these adverse weather conditions keep me off the roads? The reality was, all week.

No lunchtime runs, no cycle commuting, Let’s see if next week brings an unexpected heat wave that somehow brings the country to its knees for one reason or another. At least I’ll be able to ride in, unless my tyres melt into the road.

Did you manage to ride your bike into work this week? How did that go?

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