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First ride to work since the snow

It’s been over two weeks now since the snows fell over London preventing me from riding to work, and just three days ago the remains of the snowman my son built in the back garden morphed from a small hand sized lump of ice to a puddle consumed by the lawn. Time to ride again…

During these past three weeks I’ve slowly felt my body turn soft and sag around the mid region. The past weekend of over indulgent fast food, boozing, and Valentine’s meals has more than taken its toll on the body tipping it to wobbly status, again. So today for the first time in around three weeks I finally summoned the motivation to don my Lycra and baggies and brave the ride into work.

It took longer than usual to get ready this morning and needed to check the bike over, all OK. Despite my initial concerns over fitness drain, once on the road, it didn’t feel as bad as I expected, saved by lunchtime and weekend runs which evidently maintained fitness levels. Only now as I write this can I feel the over tightness of my calves. Note to self: Must remember to stretch before and after ride.

The training runs by the way would appear to be having a positive effect on general fitness as average heart rate is dropping and speed is increasing. Good stats.

Talking of stats, I need to provide a short-term review of the Garmin Forerunner 405 training watch that I’ve been using since Christmas. I like it. Today I cycled 45.21 km and burnt 2,522 calories, average heart rate over the ride in/out was 139, which isn’t too bad, I think.

Anyway, glad I rode in today. Will run tomorrow lunchtime and ride in again on Friday, weather permitting.


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