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Countdown to Blenheim Tri, 18 days

OK, so this morning I received my starting time for the Blenheim Triathlon, 11:00 am. Not bad at all, much better than the dreaded 8:00 am start I had for last year’s London Tri, not sure I even had time to fully digest my muesli before the starting gun went off.

With 18 days to go, training is finally gathering pace, somewhat late you might say, but hey, hoping that the Blenheim Tri will be more of a training event for the upcoming London Tri at the beginning of August. It starts here and now.

This week has been fairly physical. So far, 4 x 22 km rides (commutes), 1 x 1,750 m swim, and 1 x 5 km run. At least it’s something every day. The only trouble is that soon I’ll have to begin tapering down for the main event. Feeling confident that I’m almost ready for the sprint event, which should be a good prelude to the longer Olympic distance of the London Tri.

Another good piece of news is that my 3 other Tri buddies are competing in the same wave, so at least we’ll be starting together, and hopefully finishing not too far apart from each other.

Hoping to fit another run in tomorrow lunchtime, which to be honest I’m finding the hardest discipline to get motivated about. I’m simply not built for running, cycling yes, but running, no. I’ll maintain my steady pace of around 11.5 km/hour hopefully and complete the run in approx 27 minutes, slowly but surely.

More later…

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