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Race pack has arrived, Blenheim here we go

Blenheim Triathlon 09 Race PackMy race pack for the Blenheim Triathlon arrived today, consisting of: 1 x event brochure, 1 x race number, 2 x race number stickers, 1 x security wrist band. It also confirms my start time of 11.00 am and my race number, 3404, oh yes, remember that one.

Receiving the pack makes it all that much more real and closer, only 17 days to go. Now need to start thinking about the logistics of getting there with all my gear and the family for moral support, followed hopefully by a post event picnic with family and friends.

Really need to have a look at the wetsuit to make sure it still fits, that it’s clean, hasn’t rotted away, and to check that animals haven’t decided to take residence within it. I’ll have a look at that tomorrow. Gels, energy drink, recovery drink, kit, lotions and potions all need to be organised. Will write my list in the morning.

More of that later. Until tomorrow.

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