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London Triathlon 2009 in summary

Over two weeks have passed since completing the 2009 Mazda London Triathlon and I’m still feeling chuffed with myself at finishing a whole 15 minutes quicker than last year, something I wasn’t expecting to achieve. I’m now convinced I can do significantly better next time round, so gunning for a 2:30 next time…

My splits went like this:

Swim T1 Bike Lap 1 Bike Lap 2 Bike Total
00:40:19 00:04:58 00:33:31 00:33:13 01:06:44
T2 Run Lap 1 Run Lap 2 Run Total Total Time
00:04:02 00:23:58 00:23:43 00:47:40 02:43:41

On the whole the experience was one of mostly positive mixed emotions, excitement, nervousness, tension, and at times panic. I felt much more at ease this year than I remember feeling about the last two years at the London Triathlon. In each discipline I undoubtedly felt more comfortable, especially on the bike and run legs. The swim was still very tough especially during those first few hundred metres, but this event was the first I can recall actually enjoying the swim, once I was past the half way point.

It felt larger than ever before, and indeed it was, evident throughout by the longer times to get around the transition area pre and post race. A symptom of both the event and the sport’s success, which is good news by all accounts.

Hoping to maybe fit in another one, possibly two more triathlons this season to keep the momentum going and avoid slowing down too much for the winter, something I’ve been guilty of in the past. Hopefully by maintaining decent fitness throughout the winter and keeping the pounds off and ideally shedding more I can launch into next year’s events with renewed fitness rather than having to focus on weight reduction first.

To keep motivated I’m glad to say that myself and my compadres (known as Team Ting Tong – don’t ask why) have already stumped up and entered into the 2010 event securing ourselves another bout with the Victoria Dock. I’m looking forward to it already.

On the whole another thoroughly enjoyable event, made even more pleasurable by the presence and support of my family and friends. Thanks!

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