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Blenheim tri here I come, first of 3 triathlons in 2010

Quite unexpectedly I recently signed myself up for this year’s Blenheim Triathlon. It wasn’t an event I was planning to participate in as I’d already signed up for the Windsor Triathlon olympic distance taking place the following weekend on 13 June, but I caved under the peer pressure not wanting to miss out on an event that all my mates were going to be talking about.

Blenheim Tri Sprint course map

Now, I’m not entirely sure what this is going to do to the training regime as I certainly hadn’t planned on two triathlons on two consecutive weekends. The other guys are treating this as a “training” tri, which is fine for them as long as they realise what they’ve let themselves in for. I suppose the Blenheim is a sprint distance event, although I don’t for one minute think that because it’s a shorter event it should be regarded or treated with any less respect or importance as a longer distance event.

Saying that I believe that I am more suited to the standard distance (olympic) as I typically take a fair while to get into the swing of an event, normally taking half the swim distance to effectively warm up. By then I find my breathing is a little more under control (I can actually breath) and I’m thinking about the next leg, the cycle where I am more capable of making up some time.

One thing about Blenheim however is the bike route is quite technical in that it’s fairly undulating to say the least. My riding style is suited to terrain where I can gradually build up a steady and fast pace and maintain for as long as I can bare to, not too dissimilar to a big heavy steam train. I find Blenheim way too disruptive, too many ups and downs, although last years’ wet course didn’t help the cornering which was lethal, and interesting over cattle grids. Another reason I wasn’t intending to sign-up.

The London olympic distance I have to say is one I am very comfortable with. The course is flat and fast despite the strong head wind that tends to beat you down on the bike leg heading towards central London.

Windsor Triathlon on the other hand is making me a little nervous. It’s completely new to me and from what I understand is reasonably technical. Participating in the olympic distance, the swim sounds horrendous, having to fight against the current of the River Thames one way, but hopefully being pushed along a little the other way, I’m hoping. And the run is another of those “undulating” course. sounds pretty knackering to me.

Anyway, this year is a tri of tri’s for me. I’m kicking off with a half marathon towards the end of February, again an event or distance that is new to me. My training hasn’t even really started and I’m still carrying the joys of Christmas on my belly.

I’m thinking I better get cracking with both training and diet. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2010. More later.

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