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Royal Mail try to encourage move away from using bikes

When I first read the news that Royal Mail bosses were actively encouraging their posties to use vans in a move to replace their trusty Pashley bikes, I was less than happy, but more saddened. It’ll be a sad day when the postal service are exclusively dependent on big red vans chucking out copious amounts of extra emission.

Bizarrely, a Cambridge delivery representative said, “A briefing came into our possession saying that Royal Mail wanted to save money and that one of the ways they are thinking of doing so is to switch deliveries from bikes to vans.”

Now I realise some bikes have a hefty price tag on them, but do the traditional postie Pahley’s really cost anywhere near as much as a van. Hmmm. In any case, local authority figureheads were quite adamantly against the idea, due mainly to the obvious traffic problems that already exist in the City centre.

Read the source of this story at Bikeradar, Royal Mail ‘trying to replace posties’ bikes with vans’

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