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Kids’ bikes for Christmas

Kids' bikes for Christmas

Keep your kid ripping with this festive guide Buying your child a new bike this Christmas? Finding the process a little tricksy? Be at ease – we’ve put together a complete guide to help you choose wisely… The first thing to keep in mind is that their needs vary wildly depending on their age and ability. Balance bikes are where it’s at for the preschool crowd, then by the time they progress to 16in wheels they’ll (hopefully) be pedalling away without stabilisers. Move up a notch to 20in wheels and gears start to make an appearance, then by the time they’re nine and riding 24in wheels, they’ll basically be riding smaller versions of adult bikes – disc brakes, suspension and all. In order to make sure Santa knows the right model for your child, let’s look more closely at the different age groups you might be buying for, what wheel sizes to expect, and check out examples of the best bikes we’ve seen… Preschool They’re up and running – okay, toddling – so you’re keen to buy them a set of wheels. Great! You’ve basically got two options – a balance bike (AKA strider, push-along) or a trike. We […]

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