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The Pole Evolink 140 is the longest bike you’ve never heard of

The Pole Evolink 140 is the longest bike you've never heard of

In this largest size, the Pole Evolink 140 gets a Cadillac-like wheelbase measurement just shy of 52in Seb Stott is one of our main testers when it comes to mountain bike kit. He’s a rapid Scot with a preference for 29in wheels and bikes with an extra long wheelbase.You can imagine his excitement then, when what is easily the longest 29er bike to ever enter our workshop arrives with his name on the box. This size large bike, the largest size Finnish firm Pole provides, gets a whole 51.7in (1314mm) of space between its axles, that just exceeds the 51.6in (1310mm) figure that we measured as the wheelbase of the largest size Nicolai/Mojo Geometron – a bike that is famed for its radical geometry sheet. Related: How long can you go? Jon Woodhouse’s extreme geometry hardtail So, we’ve got the longness that ‘s so often talked about, but do we have the lowness and the slackness? The answer is yes. With a 64.5-degree head angle, the 150/140mm Pole is amongst the slackest of bikes out there and at the same time its compact front triangle allows for heaps of standover clearance. Suspension is an obvious talking point, and the […]