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Four steps to making bike-based resolutions you’ll stick to

Four steps to making bike-based resolutions you'll stick to

The best roads are paved with more than just good intentions The new year is full of the rusting wheels of good intentions. In an effort to tackle them early we asked performance psychologist Bill Beswick to suggest ways to ensure your resolution lasts… 1. Commit to paper Decide what your goal is and why you’re doing it, then write it down with a deadline for you to achieve it. Make sure you’ll regularly see your list of goals – create a diary reminder on your phone, for example, or stick it to your fridge as a constant spur to keep it fresh in your mind. It needn’t be your action plan as such, just the eventual target, whether it’s a specific ride you’re working towards or a weight or fitness target. This will serve to motivate you when you’re flagging or possibly tempted to go ‘off plan’. 2. Create an action plan Break your resolution into micro-manageable steps that are realistic yet challenging. These have their own dates and targets on a smaller scale. If you’re training for a major race, this will be your weekly ride schedule – distances covered, times achieved plus comments on how you […]