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Kurt Searvogel poised to surpass ‘unbreakable’ Year record today

Kurt Searvogel poised to surpass ‘unbreakable’ Year record today

American ultracyclist set to beat 75,065 miles ridden by Tommy Godwin in 1939 Kurt Searvogel poised to surpass ‘unbreakable’ Year record

Barring a last-minute hitch, the American ultracyclist Kurt Searvogel will today surpass the ‘unbreakable’ record for the greatest distance ridden in a year, set by the British rider Tommy Godwin in 1939, when he rode 75,065 miles.

The rider, aged 53, has around 140 more miles to ride to break the record and will do so with five days to spare, having set off on 10 January last year.

That was 10 days after the UK’s Steve Abraham set out on his own attempt on Godwin’s record, but his plans received a huge setback in late March when he was hit by a scooter rider.

The time he took to fully recover and the riding time he lost as a result put the record out of reach during 2015, although on 8 August, once he had regained full fitness, he launched a second attempt.

London-based bike mechanic Bruce Berkeley is also having a crack at the record, with his attempt starting on New Year’s Day last Friday.>> London-based Bruce Berkeley to take on Year record in 2016Searvogel, nicknamed Tarzan, took the briefest of […]

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