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Team Rideout Report – ‘Turkey Burner’

Team Rideout Report - 'Turkey Burner' Turkey Burner 1.jpg We had a break from the wet weather over Christmas down here in the south-west and thankfully that single dry day happened to coincide with the Turkey Burner rideout.

There were two routes on offer, a 60km (link is external) taking in plenty of local hills and a slightly easier 42km (link is external) with both heading out of Bath and into the lanes of Wiltshire before returning to the city. After some pre-ride coffee, cake and obligatory photos at the office it was time for everyone to decide how their legs were feeling. With a pretty even split between the two groups we were off and running, well cycling.

If you’re familiar with Bath you know full well if you want to leave you’ve got to climb to escape and that’s exactly what we did, the longer group taking on Bannerdown and the shorter taking Bathford hill.

With legs and lungs suitably warmed we started the loop around the Bradford on Avon area where the two groups were due to meet up for a mid-ride cafe stop.

The sun may have been out but the previous days of heavy rain meant the majority of the […]

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