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Calibre Rivelin£300.00

Calibre Rivelin£300.00

Calibre’s Rivelin is without doubt as good a bike as you’ll get for this meagre outlay What do you usually find on a ultra-budget bike, especially one from a multiple retailer not known for bike specialism? Typically the list will include poor tyres, brakes, wheels and excess in weight – and all too often no real knowledge of what makes a bike good especially in the way it handles. Mastering the low-cost challenge

Thankfully the Rivelin, from mega-retailer GO Outdoors’ house-brand Calibre, which has already wowed our mud-loving cousins with its budget full-suspension mountain bike, the Bossnut , meets the low-cost challenge head on and comes out on top in most cases.

The drivetrain is Shimano ’s Claris eight-speed and functionally it’s sound, with reliable easy shifts and a good range (though our early production model has a 11-25 block, those in stores will get a wider range with a 28 top). A Shimano Claris drivetrain is an unrefined but very solid choice The ride position is comfortable – a little taller up front and a little shorter in reach – and despite the bike’s considerable heft, solidity and stiffness it’s surprisingly comfortable.

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