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Praxis Works Turn Girder M30£229.00

Praxis Works Turn Girder M30£229.00

Praxis’ Works Turn Girder M30 cranks have an almost medieval quality to them Praxis has a superb global reputation for its ultra long-lived, cold-forged and machined chainrings and pioneering ‘self installing’ threaded sleeve press-fit bottom bracket solutions.

Now, with the new Turn brand, Praxis has bridged the gap between bearings and rings with these unashamedly, almost brutally workmanlike-looking Girder cranks. As with Hope, the oversized alloy axle is compatible with standard diameter bottom bracket shells, not just BB30/PF30 tubes.

The 30mm to 28mm stepdown on the offside means they only fit Praxis M30 BBs. There’s a full range of frame fits available though and they’re much cheaper than Hope. From experience they’re equally epic in their glassy-smooth spinning lifespan and we certainly haven’t had any grind or wobble issues with Turn/Praxis on MTB or notoriously crank-battering ‘cross bike long termers.

You’ll need an M30 tool to fit the BB but once fitted, crank installation (and extraction) is blissfully simple thanks to the captured 10mm hex bolt, so you won’t be stranded without specialist tools.

Chain retention has been excellent, even going mental on a rowdy short travel bike without a supplementary chainguide. Negligible wear so far suggests that Praxis’s longevity reputation is also […]

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