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11spd: This week’s new bike gear

11spd: This week's new bike gear

11spd: This week’s new bike gear (Oliver Woodman/Immediate Media) Here are some words we associate with January: dull, grey, cold, sad, Jones. Which one is the odd one out? Correct! It’s ‘dull’, because how could the month after Christmas in which you get to play with your new toys possibly be dull?

At BikeRadar towers we’re all zipping around on flammable hoverboards and playing with the shifters on our new bikes, and even as we do so fresh kit keeps showing up in the post. It may be the end of your first week back at work, and yes, you are eventually going to have talk to that nice lady whose shoes you were sick on at the office Christmas party. But in preparation for the weekend, let’s cast an eye over 11 new things you won’t be able to afford (unless you sell your kid’s new Xbox on eBay). New road bike gear

Giant TCR Advanced

Giant tcr advanced: giant tcr advanced It’s Bike of the Year time at our sister magazine Cycling Plus , so the workshop is heaving with tasty carbon. The world has more than its share of black bikes already, but we think you’ll agree […]

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