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11 things we’ve learnt this week

11 things we’ve learnt this week

The most interesting and/or weird facts from the past seven days on The world’s coldest bike race took place at a temperature of -43°C.
Find out more here.​ Cycling while wearing earphones is illegal in California. Find out more here. (link is external) Sunday 7 June was the most active day on Strava in the last year, and users clocked up a total of 4 billion kilometres. Find out more here. (link is external) Mark Cavendish is targeting the Tour de France yellow jersey, and Olympic medal and the World Championships Road Race in 2016. Find out more here.

There’s a new helmet out there that provides a collision avoidance alert.
Find out more here.

It’s possible to evade Australian police while riding a bicycle naked.
Find out more here. World Champion Peter Sagan’s new bike features the names of all the previous World Champions. Find out more here.

German athletes who test positive for banned performance-enhancing substances could face three years in prison.
Find out more here. Head-up display could become more of a feature of cycling now that Garmin has got involved. Find out more here. People riding through a puddle – and finding other means […]

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