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Dolan Preffisio 105 £750.00

Dolan Preffisio 105£750.00

The Dolan Preffisio and the UK winter go together like bacon and brown sauce Bikes like the Dolan Preffisio are the bread and butter of the UK winter cycling scene. Under the Dolan name or others, you’ll be familiar with the formula: a stout alloy frame with long and low traditional geometry; full mudguards bolted securely in place; and standard rim brakes. A reassuringly gimmick-free ride

Dolan lets you spec the Preffisio however you want it, and builds start at an incredible £612.99 for a Shimano Sora-equipped bike. We requested what we think is likely to be one of the most popular options – full 11-speed 105 with 25mm tyres and mudguards, the latter costing an additional £19.99 if you don’t want to fit them yourself. Shimano 105 feels like the sweet spot in the Japanese giant’s groupset range for utility – it shares features with its shinier siblings Ultegra and Dura-Ace, but consumables like chains and cassettes are vastly more affordable, and the finish is low-key enough that you won’t feel too guilty for marring it.

In this day and age, 25mm tyres should be a given – in fact, we’d be tempted to go bigger were if not […]

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