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Reading could see cycling in pedestrianised shopping street

Reading could see cycling in pedestrianised shopping street

Public consultation found support for cycling in the Broad Street shopping area A cycling ban in a shopping street in Reading could soon be lifted after a consultation showed strong support for bikes in the pedestrian area.

Although Broad Street’s western area has a cycling ban in place, bike hire racks have already been added to the street.

In a consultation, the council found that 796 respondents were in favour of lifting the ban, out of 1,283 responses.

448 were in favour of not allowing cycling in Broad Street at all and 39 selected no change to the current arrangements.

Reading Borough Council transport head Tony Page told the BBC (link is external) : "I don’t believe the current situation where cycling is allowed in one half of Broad Street and banned in the other is sensible."

Councillors will formally make the decision at a meeting next week.Reading has been attempting to make its surrounds more cycle friendly in recent months. Last month we reported how a new pedestrian and cycle route has opened in Reading under the railway line at Napier Road. Known as the Biscuit Tunnel, it will provide people living on Napier Road and Luscinia View with direct access to […]

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