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French boy, 5, saves his dad’s life after cycling for help

French boy, 5, saves his dad's life after cycling for help

Youngster rode off to mother’s work after father had heart attack… A five-year- old boy from France has been praised for his bravery after helping to save the life of his father, who had suffered a heart attack, by jumping on his bike to find help in filthy conditions at night.

The child, named Kévin-Djéné Godin, decided to ride to his mother’s workplace after his father fell ill. Before he left home, he put his two-year-old sister next to his father, reports (link is external) , citing the newspaper Ouest France.

Dressed only in pyjamas and flip-flops, he set of at 10.30pm through the rain to try and reach her place of work, which was six miles from the village of Saint-Pierre-la-Cour in eastern Brittany.

A passing motorist, Jean-François Pinot, spotted the youngster and stopped. “He was soaked through and freezing,” he said. ”That road is very dangerous.”

He said that the child, who did not appear to have fully understood what had happened, told him: “I’m going to fetch my mummy because my daddy is dead.”

While Kévin-Djéné was keeping warm in the car, Mr Pinot called the police, but said that initially, “We couldn’t work out where he lived or […]

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