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Highways England’s Cycling Strategy short on detail and funds

Highways England's Cycling Strategy short on detail and funds

Highways England logo Government body will allocate £100m over four years to separate cycle infrastructure, but still a long road ahead to undo decades of underinvestment

Highways England (HE) has released its £100m Cycle Strategy document setting out how it will begin to “cycle proof” the UK’s A-roads, with the aim of replacing some car journeys with cycle trips to cut pollution and congestion.

The four page document, published on Friday, says the government company will focus on 200 cycling schemes between now and 2021, delivering facilities that are “safe and separate from traffic”, upgrading its current design standards for cycle infrastructure and training planners and engineers to “think bike”. HE will also look at tackling dangerous lorries working on the network.

However, campaigners say the document is short on detail and, with just 1% of the UK’s overall £11bn transport budget over four years now allocated to cycling, that the money is not enough to deliver decent quality cycling facilities following what they call decades of underinvestment.

Roger Geffen MBE, CTC Policy Director, commenting on the strategy, said: “Highways England’s new cycling strategy runs to just four pages, and is therefore inevitably short on detail”

“Yet it still manages to fit […]

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