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Just in: Boardman Bikes Elite Air 9.2 aero road bike

Just in: Boardman Bikes Elite Air 9.2 aero road bike

Boardman Elite Air 9.2 – full bike.jpg Latest generation aero road bike from with Dura Ace and £2,799.99 price tag slips into the office

We went up to London at the end of last year to have a look at Boardman’s new Elite range for 2016 and now we have the first of the new bikes in for test: an Elite Air 9.2.

In terms of the AIR range, the 9.2 is only one rung off the bottom, with the bikes topping out at a mouth-watering £8,499.99 for the signature model. But the 9.2 is certainly race ready: you get Dura-Ace shifters and mechs, a carbon FSA chainset and Boardman’s own wheels in the £2,799.99 package. -The fastest aero road bikes One look at the AIR tells you it’s designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. "Through the extensive use of cutting-edge Computational Fluid Dynamics and Wind Tunnel testing, the AIR frameset has been honed to offer a performance advantage across a wider degree of yaw angles than other manufacturers," Boardman say.

"This means that the AIR will out perform the competition in the real world, no matter where or when you ride". Bold claims indeed. Up until now Boardman have had […]

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