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76,076 miles – Kurt Searvogel’s record breaking year ends

76,076 miles - Kurt Searvogel's record breaking year ends

American says he won’t stress over prospect of Steve Abraham or Bruce Berkeley going further… On Saturday, Kurt Searvogel finished what he set out to do exactly 12 months earlier, setting a new Year record which now stands at 76, 076 miles – bettering the record set by Great Britain’s Tommy Godwin in 1939 by 1,011 miles.

The American ultracyclist, aged 53, went beyond the 75,065 miles ridden by Godwin last Monday, celebrating with a few beers, but has been back on the bike in the days since to push the benchmark further.

Talking to Boston radio station WBUR (link is external) after surpassing Godwin’s distance last week, he said: “A lot of my fans are like, ‘Ride, ride, ride! Make it really hard, make it impossible to break.

“It’s like, ‘OK, whatever. When the weather’s nice, I’ll ride. When not, I’ll do something else. Like a sane person’.”

Searvogel set off on his ride on 10 January last year, a week after British rider Steve Abraham launched his own attempt on the record on New Year’s Day.

In March, however, Abraham was knocked from his bike by a moped rider and broke his ankle.Although, after just 10 days’ recuperation, he tried […]

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