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Fuji’s SL 1.5: fewer frame sections make a featherweight ride

Fuji’s SL 1.5: fewer frame sections make a featherweight ride

We’ve just received the new featherweight 2016 Fuji SL 1.5 Debuted during the 2015 Vuelta a Espana under Caja Rural-Suguros RGA, Fuji’s SL took over from the Altamira as the brand’s top non-aero race bike, with the flagship SL 1.1 frame claimed at a feathery 695g. However, despite that weight loss, Fuji claims the SL is significantly stiffer than the Altamira.

Although there are one or two other production bikes that can claim to be lighter, the SRAM Red-equipped SL 1.1 complete bike weighs in at a face-meltingly light 4.96kg/10.91lbs. Such a figure does however come with a $9,999 / £8,499 price tag.

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We’ve just received the SL 1.5, a slightly lower model in Fuji ’s new range. At under half the price, it’s surprising to see it shares the 1.1’s frame (albeit with different paint). By comparison, the SL 1.5’s Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical build is heavier, but the complete weight is still an impressive 6.4kg/14.1lbs. Add some pedals, bottle cages and a computer, and you’ll likely still be under the UCI’s 6.8kg weight limit. The secret to the SL’s weight is in the tubing Following […]

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