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Look 795 Aerolight£7,999.00

Look 795 Aerolight£7,999.00

The Look 795 Aerolight is both aero and light, but not without its drawbacks It’s no secret that the rider, not the bike, contributes the greatest amount of aerodynamic drag to enterprise of cycling. And while it’s easy to feel a change in speed by moving your body – say, tucking on a downhill versus sitting bolt upright like Mary Poppins – it’s more difficult to feel aero improvements on the bike itself. So, when you climb aboard a machine like the Look 795 Aerolight and the increased speed is tangible, that is worth something.

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While the biggest gains over a standard bike may arguably come from 60mm-deep Mavic CXR 60s, the airfoil tubing and integrated brakes, stem and seatpost figure into the aero mix too.

Yet, as such integration comes at a cost of compatibility, the question arises: is it worth it? With this machine, at this price , I’m not so sure. Made in France

In addition to the French-made frame, fork, integrated stem and hidden-in-the-fork front brake, Look also manufactures its own unique crankset. Triangular inserts on the Zed2 crankset allow for three effective […]

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