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MAAP Arrows jersey and Team bib short£250.00

MAAP Arrows jersey and Team bib short£250.00

Based out of Melbourne, MAAP is producing some great looking technical kit It’s fair to say that Melbourne outfit MAAP – as featured in our latest installment of Wild Style Aussie kits – has been taking the Australian clothing market by storm.

MAAP was founded by Oliver (Ollie) Cousins and Jarred Smith, a pair with a combined 29 years’ experience in design and fashion, with brand names like Stussy, Mambo and Globe on their CV’s. How does that translate into cycling, you ask? Pretty damn well in our opinion.

We’ve used and tested a few other ‘Instagram brand’ kits over the past few months with fairly positive results, but when we pulled on the Arrows Jersey and Team bib shorts we were blown away by the quality and variation of fabrics and the cut.

While the jersey and bibs come in different colour combinations and designs, from a technical standpoint they’re all the same. If you’re carrying some winter insulation, consider sizing up The kit is sized around those with a ‘pro’ build, so if you’re carrying a pony keg instead of a six-pack, double-check the sizing chart before you buy. My sample kit is a size small, and in most brands […]

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