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Militis eTap is first Raleigh assembled in UK for 30 years

Militis eTap is first Raleigh assembled in UK for 30 years

Raleigh’s new Militis eTap will be available in limited numbers and assembled in Nottingham – the first bike the company has assembled in the UK in thirty years. Raleigh has announced a new limited edition version of its Militis performance road bike, equipped with SRAM’s eTap wireless electronic groupset and priced at £6000, so cheaper than the eTap-equipped bikes announced in November by Boardman .

eTap rear mech comes with its own battery pack

eTap does away with wires between the shifters and the front and rear derailleurs, using wireless signalling to transmit gear change requests. The shifters are powered by coin cells while the mechs have removable rechargeable battery packs built into them. eTap also replaces the usual shifting process, where the left lever controls the front derailleur and the right lever the left, with a shifting system where the levers just control whether the gears shift up or down with the electronics determining when this shift requires a change at the front as well as the back.

The company claims that its Militis frameset weighs in at 880 grams and is its lightest and stiffest frame ever. It’s the frame ridden by the UK-based Team Raleigh pro team and we […]

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