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The KOM Club: See how you compare to Strava royalty

The KOM Club: See how you compare to Strava royalty

The place for everyone hunting a segment title galibier effort Strava addict? King of the Mountains hunter? Find yourself endlessly competing against your friends for virtual crowns? Then the ‘KOM Club’ could be the best place to get your next fix.

By becoming a member of the KOM Club you can keep up to date with all the ‘secret’ challenges on Strava at any time and, for those with a competitive streak you can compare how your collection of KOM/QOM titles matches up with other KOM Club members.

The KOM Club was created by Strava users, James Dobson of From the Sticks and Rick Harris of, for Strava members. Despite its name, the KOM Club’s initial raison d’être was simply to track the various ‘secret’ challenges on Strava. Dobson explained: “Initially we were finding a lot of hidden competitions/badges [on Strava] using software we had already developed for another of our websites so used KOM Club as a way of keeping track of these as they weren’t being published on the Strava site.”

But fuelled by competition and rivalry in the office, the KOM Club transformed into its current guise.

“We then started looking into what data was available via the Strava […]

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