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Where are Britain’s railway cycle theft hotspots? We crunch the data

Where are Britain's railway cycle theft hotspots? We crunch the data

Long-distance commuters from south-east into London are thieves’ prime targets… Figures released by British Transport Police (BTP) covering every station in Great Britain give a detailed picture of where bikes are stolen on railway premises, with towns and cities in the south-east a prime target.

A response by BTP to a Freedom of Information request made in October last year by a national and regional newspaper group, a copy of which the force provided to, shows the number of bikes reported stolen at each station for the years 2011-14 plus the first 10 months of 2015.

Here are the 20 stations with the most bike thefts for the period as a whole. BTP stats 1.JPG Other than Manchester Piccadilly, the two London terminals and Coventry, all the stations listed are popular with commuters travelling into the capital, most having a journey time of between 30 minutes and an hour and a half from towns and cities in the south-east.

They are therefore locations where bikes are likely to be left all day long, meaning thieves can carry out their work at quieter times of the day.

Cambridge saw the highest number of reported thefts of bikes from railway premises during 2011-14, […]

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