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A1 Coaching: How to get more speed with less training

A1 Coaching: How to get more speed with less training

How to get more speed with less training As head coach at A1 Coaching, I’m on a mission to dispel the culture of disinformation that has built up around training advice, principles and philosophies.

Over a series of articles running for the next few days I am going to challenge some take-for-granted assumptions and explain to you how doing things differently may help transform you from the rider you are to the rider you could be.

I know these approaches work. They’re based on the latest science and the vast experience of our coaches. Most of all, I know they work because they have brought enormous improvements to many of our clients at A1 Coaching. Therefore, I’m fully confident that they can also work for you.

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We’re all looking for ways to get more speed with less effort; to get more return from the limited number of hours we have to train. The answer isn’t to repeat the same early-season steps from last year and hope for a […]

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