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AngryAsian: Goodbye, cruel world

AngryAsian: Goodbye, cruel world

This is the proverbial me riding into the sunset – only neither of the riders in the image is me and I’ve never ridden this trail before I’ll never forget the turn my life took in March of 2005. I was finishing up a graduate program in the materials science department at the University of Michigan, basically breaking stuff and trying to figure out why (which, ironically, is essentially the same thing I do now).

I’d soon have my ticket to guaranteed riches in my hand and if all went well, my choice of job prospects in the oil and gas industry – one of which promised months of adventure at sea on a floating rig (“ I’m on a boat, yo! ”). I always did like dinosaurs as a kid.

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Bikes had long been an integral part of my life at that time, too, however. I started spectacularly losing races as part of my high school club team in 1990, landed a part-time job at a bike shop three years later building lovely Ross Mt. Washingtons, launched a mountain bike suspension-focused web site in 2000 basically on […]

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