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Michelin unveils new Power bicycle tyre range

Michelin unveils new Power bicycle tyre range

Lower rolling resistance, improved puncture resistance and more grip are the big claims for Michelin’s new tyres French tyre manufacturer Michelin has unveiled details of its new Power road bike tyre range, with Competition, Endurance and All Season versions claimed to offer improved puncture protection, extra grip and lower rolling resistance than the previous Pro 4 range.

Michelin proudly states in its press release that the tyres are the “fruit of Michelin’s extensive research and development knowhow and features some of the Group’s very latest technological breakthroughs.” Furthermore, it adds, “experts at the firm’s Technology Centre focused particularly on the rolling resistance, grip and resistance to perforation of the products that make up the new range with a view to ensuring even longer tyre life.”

Michelin hasn’t provided us with stacks of information, just an outline of the key improvements it claims the new tyres offer over its previous Pro4 range. Perhaps the biggest improvement is the claimed “10 watt power gain” compared to the previous Pro4 Service Course. Michelin says the result is the based on a test carried out at 35kph over a distance of 40km with a 70kg rider weight.

It also claims a 20% improvement in puncture protection […]

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