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Mountain bike sizing: what size bike do I need?

Mountain bike sizing: what size bike do I need?

Your frame size is the starting point for getting your mountain bike perfectly set up Choosing the correct size of bike is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Don’t buy until you’ve read our advice so you can get the perfect mountain bike setup for maximum comfort and a reduced chance of injury.

A bike that fits correctly is a joy to ride, while one that’s too small can cause handling problems and be uncomfortable on longer rides. Read on for some advice on what frame size to go for, especially if you’re in any doubt about it.

Looking for a guide to road bike sizing instead? That’s also something we can help with.

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We all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do most mountain bikes, so we recommend using the information below as a starting point and a guide. First, it’s good to know the anatomy of a mountain bike, as we’ll be referring to these some of these terms. This diagram shows the different tubes used on an average mountain bike frame: Frame sizes

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