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MP claims there is ‘overwhelming opposition’ to Enfield’s Mini Holland

MP claims there is ‘overwhelming opposition’ to Enfield's Mini Holland

Councillor questions how the survey was carried out Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes has asked local residents for their views on proposed segregated cycle lanes along the A105 from Palmers Green to Enfield Town. He says that 75 per cent of those asked are against the Cycle Enfield project.

This is Local London (link is external) reports that Burrowes wants the £30m Mini Holland grant to be given back to the mayor, arguing the work will “decimate” street parking among other things. “It will result in increased congestion, worsened bus services and further blight on the high street as businesses struggle to survive,” he said.

In December, Burrowes sent out 17,000 freepost postcards asking local households: “Do you support the overall proposals for the A105 Cycle Lanes scheme?” Of these, 2,828 were completed and returned. 462 (17.71%) said they were in favour of the scheme; 1,973 (75.62%) said they were against it; 155 (5.94%) partially supported it; and 13 (0.5%) said they didn’t know.

Enfield Council’s consultation got 1,646 responses. In contrast, it found that 60 per cent of respondents were in favour – 51 per cent fully and nine per cent in part – with 39 per cent […]

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