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Taxi leader says cycle superhighway is “sucking the lifeblood of London”

Taxi leader says cycle superhighway is “sucking the lifeblood of London”

London’s black cab drivers launch High Court challenge to east-west cycle superhighway The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) is today seeking a judicial review of London’s east-west cycle superhighway. Even though the superhighway is already being built, LTDA argues that an alternate route should have been used and says TfL should have sought planning permission before beginning construction.

London 24 (link is external) reports LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara as saying that the current route “is not the right scheme for London,” before accusing Boris Johnson of rushing it through as a “last hurrah” before the end of his term as mayor. “Boris is implementing this scheme as quickly as he can before he leaves office at the end of April. It is being rushed through as his last hurrah. “We don’t actually disagree that there should be a scheme, but we want to get the right scheme for London. The one being built is not right for our 24-hour city. “There is evidence that it is sucking the lifeblood of London, causing traffic jams, with hundreds stuck bumper to bumper, poisoning everybody else with pollution.” LTDA wants to see a route through quieter streets south of the […]

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