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‘This Girl Can’ campaign overcomes fears of judgement for millions of women

'This Girl Can' campaign overcomes fears of judgement for millions of women

The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign included inspirational and engaging videos, case studies and images With slogans such as "I jiggle therefore I am," and images of every-day women running, cycling, swimming, working out and generally being active, TV campaign ‘This Girl Can’ captured the attention of women around the world when it launched in early 2015. Now, the campaign’s founders Sport England have released data that clearly shows the impact it’s had, one year on.

Consisting of an inspirational video that was broadcast on TV and shared extensively online, posters, billboards, videos and supporting website and social media channels, the campaign featured women of every size, shape and ethnicity enjoying a variety of different activities. The message was clear – it doesn’t matter what you look like, what you do or how good you are, just have fun doing it. The This Girl Can video itself was viewed over 37 million times since then, and the number continues to grow. Independent research commissioned by Sport England indicates that 2.8 million women aged 14 to 40 have done "some or more" activity as a result of the campaign, with over half of respondents saying they’d started exercising. The website and social […]

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