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Wahoo Kickr Snap£499.00

Wahoo Kickr Snap£499.00

The Wahoo Kickr Snap is the little brother to the original Kickr The Wahoo Fitness Kickr Snap is a smart resistance trainer that wirelessly connects with smartphones, tablets and computers for an interactive experience with third-party software like Zwift or TrainerRoad.

As the younger sibling of the original Kickr, the electromagnetic Snap offers a great road feel, smooth transitions between resistance levels and an easy set-up. However, the power measurement is not accurate, usually reporting about 10-20w low at easier power (80-100w) and a whopping 40-70w at higher power ( 280w) compared with reliable power meters like Stages and SRM .

The Snap differs from the original Wahoo Kickr , which requires users to remove their rear wheel . With the Snap you can keep your rear wheel on, and the easy-to-use lever snaps the bike into place on the trainer. Both require being plugged in for power.

The substantial 10lb/4.5lb flywheel helps replicate the inertia of riding outdoors, keeping the rear wheel spinning when you’re up to speed, and making you work for it when ramping up power from a slow speed.

The real magic of the Snap, however, is the interface between the resistance and third-party software. Just riding along on […]

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