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A1 Coaching: The phenomenon of ‘headless-chicken’ riding

A1 Coaching: The phenomenon of 'headless-chicken' riding

Riding endlessly at tempo? Time for a change In my last A1 Coaching post , I spoke about the need to challenge conventional methods and to embrace new knowledge and techniques.

Over the past couple of years I have travelled all over the world, working with clubs and athletes. The number one mistake I’ve seen repeated time and again is the use of average speed as a measure of training effort and performance.

This phenomenon of ‘junk miles’ is the main factor preventing athletes from maximising their available training time.

The main training-related problem with this average speed culture (made worse by Strava) is that riders ride around at a perceived effort of 7 out of 10 most the time. Therefore, whatever number of hours are available, they tend to ride as hard as they can for that time, trying to get the best average speed. In this way, they are not training the different physiological systems for optimum benefit.

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