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(Don’t wanna be a) Monkey Wrench: Get your bike ready to ride

(Don't wanna be a) Monkey Wrench: Get your bike ready to ride

Halfords is training up technicians and mechanics to service more of the UK’s bikes Time to ‘fess up – not all of us on BikeRadar are expert bike mechanics. While some staffers have spent years wrenching in shops, others are less… handy. So when the opportunity came to spend the day one-on-one with Rob Weekes, workshop development manager at UK mega-retailer Halfords and formerly a technical centre manager for SRAM, I grabbed it in the hope I might learn something.

Hours later, dirt grimed under the fingernails of my dainty office worker hands, I can safely say that I did. Being a big believer in learning through doing, Rob kicked off with the ‘M-check’. Not a pre-concert rehearsal for everyone’s favourite white rapper, this is the basic safety check of all the main working parts of a bike, from the front hub backwards.

We then moved through replacing gear cables, wrapping bar tape and even truing wheels . Given that new tennis racket grips have previously defeated me, I didn’t have high expectations for any of this, particularly the bar tape – but, incredibly, my bike ended the day fully fettled and bedecked with new cables and tape. This was a […]

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